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Credit score – the most important 3 digit number in your life!

These numbers will influence a credit profile for over 80 percent of a consumer’s lifetime. They not only impact a borrower’s ability to get a loan, as well as the interest rate they are charged, but banks, insurance companies, credit card companies – and even potential employers – rely on them to make decisions that shape nearly every phase of your financial and professional life.

Please read some helpful information we have put together just for you: Credit Basics, What Is A Credit Score? and Are All Credit Scores The Same?

Unfortunately, many Americans review their credit report only when attempting to purchase a home, a car or qualify for credit cards. All too often they discover their credit scores are not in the needed range to qualify. And even if they do qualify, they are unable to receive the advertised low interest rate they were seeking. As a result, they either pay a considerably higher interest rate, or they are denied credit all together. A poor credit score can cost a consumer missed opportunities and hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Anyone desiring to purchase a home, or refinance their current mortgage will find that raising their FICO score is the most important thing they can do. Improving the score will not only lower payments, but it will increase buying power with when seeking a home or vehicle. In today’s economically challenging environment, a high FICO score is the key factor in gaining approval of your loan with an affordable interest rate.

Consumers are bombarded with airwaves full of television commercials and radio ads touting the importance of credit scores. Information to correct a credit file, however, seems non-existent. But the bottom line is this: credit correction IS real and Score Crafters has assisted hundreds of clients in raising their FICO scores, which has allowed them to establish better, healthier credit files. You don’t have to continue suffering from the perils of bad credit. You CAN take control –and with Score Crafters, it’s easier than ever.

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