Credit Coaching That Matches Your Needs!

Whether you need private, one-on-one credit coaching at our office or you would like to learn more about credit in this economy through a group seminar, Scorecrafters has several ways to get you the help you need.

One-on-One Coaching

You can come to our office, located in DeLand, FL and meet with Harry directly.  Not only will you learn about the proper credit practices, but you will also go through your own credit story, line by line, in order to clean things up and help you on to a better financial future.

Group Coaching

Business professionals have been empowered and informed every time Harry comes to speak to their group about credit issues.  Whether you deal with clients who have credit difficulties or you just want to be better informed in this economic climate, Scorecrafters can put together the information that will best serve your organization and your topic.


This type of coaching includes consumers and business professionals alike.  If you have been in our office for one-on-one coaching or you have attended a group coaching meeting, you will benefit by attending on of our seminars!  We offer seminars for many different aspects of credit repair or counseling.  We will make sure to inform you through this website as to when the next event will happen.

Here are some of the questions that will be covered during a coaching session:
  • Have you been turned down for a loan and do not know why or what to do?
  • Do you know how to prepare your Credit for a Mortgage?
  • Want to know how a Foreclosure or Short-Sale will affect credit?
  • Have you gone through or are you considering Bankruptcy?
We will show you:
  • How to read your credit report and check it for errors or duplicate items
  • The secrets of Credit Scoring
  • How paying a Collection account can lower your Credit Score?
  • The difference between FICO & Vantage Scores
  • New Credit— the necessary ingredients of a good Credit file

Please Contact Us to set up the coaching session that best fits your needs!